What i am doing

I don know… totally disaster in my life


Just drink a lot of coffee, fucking life



I like Monkey album!

The album by the creator of GORILLAZ which called journey to the west.

About: The 16th century Chinese classic story Xi You Ji (Journey To The West) tells the tale of a little monkey who could transform himself into different creatures and conquer all the obstacles in his life. Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett (the minds behind Gorillaz) are Monkey, and have joined with director and choreographer Chen Shi-Zheng to create a 21st century opera retelling this story, replete with new and original music and visuals. The BBC’s coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics will utilize some of Monkey’s music and animations in the weeks leading up to and during the Olympics.


Listening: MONKEY

Album Cover:

 For more MONKEY informations:  http://www.monkeyjourneytothewest.com/

Fuckin bored, I purposely need to go for job hunting but i am end up with those fucking activities!

What was happened just now?

Gathered with my monkey friends, hang out at klcc again… Vomit! 

later, went to the fucking bookstore and bought a fucking mag called time out.

Went to starbucks, Damn regret going there. Wasted my fucking money.



Went for dinner at sake sushi

Da taste of the food there, just one word can describe.—– SUCK!

I am vomited after having at that japanese restaurant.

Location: Suria KLCC

Shop 428, Level 4, Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603-2166 6220
Fax : 603-2166 6251

My review for this restaurant: You should keep yourself away from this fucking JAP restaurant. If not you will be regretted.


Coming soon : going to Pavilion kuala lumpur tomorrow and watch movie

Yesterday movie

Eagle eye

watched it at klcc tgv

Time: 4.00pm

With: myself.

About: That is the film that i m quite admire lately. The massive explosion , the Machine gun shoot, the stupid computer, the stupid conversation.


What da fucked is cheapmonkeyz

I m the person. Hate myself, hate anyone else.

I don’t like to talk but he need a job.

I am crazy. But he has empty soul.

Monkey bee